Same poop, different decade!!

When it come to the news… …perspective is everything. After three and a half decades on earth, even I have noticed the recurrent themes in the news. Fear-fuelled war, unnecessary suffering and deliberate destruction for profit. It can all get very disheartening if you allow yourself to be drawn in to news fed to you. Remember… […]

Altruism – part of our natural operating system?

Altruism is present in the core values of… …many religions, cultural traditions and other areas of life, but I believe it is a natural tendency for us humans. Find out by seeking ways to help others in ways which has no direct benefit to yourself. These opportunities are around us everywhere from giving a homeless […]

A day is temporary; your passion and drive is who you are.

There are times when every other day… …is the worst day ever, but the reason it doesn’t last is because you are on several missions in life; mental, physical and spiritual health, relationships and contribution to others and maybe more. It is the journey itself which gives you the passion and drive to carry on… […]

Easier said than done, but definitely worth the effort

The most difficult thing to control is often our temper… …but once you relinquish that control, the person you are angry with has control over you. Why dance to their tune when you can process their transgression as their issue and not your own… …life is way to short to live in reaction to others