I believe relationships are life. The life you design for yourself by working, playing and contributing, is often intended to provide a solid foundation for your relationships to thrive on. But what happens when our desired lifestyle doesn’t fit with your intimate partner or others in your life.

When we first came to you our relationship was struggling and we were unable to talk to each and communicate our needs and our feelings in a non-confrontational way. With your guidance and direction you have helped us to see past our issues and focus on what matters to each of us as individuals, as a couple and as a family. Acting as that impartial 3rd-party and asking the right questions has been invaluable to us and has been key to turning our relationship around and helping us to get back on track. We now look to the future together with hope and this would not be the case without your involvement. We cannot express our thanks enough for helping us to see past the barriers we had put in place and which stopped us enjoying our lives. All our thanks,” R&A, Cheshire

Two people can have a relationship for years and even decades with little understanding or even respect. It seems such a waste when relationships, when mutually cultivated, can be a powerful source of all the good things; love, laughter, shared adventure, comfort and joy, to name but a few.


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