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I think in the short time we have known you, you made me aware of time together with D is not always quality time. The quality time is when it’s just us and no distractions and talking about all the normal day to day events and for that I am sincerely grateful. Time together doesn’t have to be about doing something. The key actions for both me and D is to talk and keep talking and for me to show even more affection, at every possible moment I will hug her , tell her I love her, tell her how proud I am of her and what a beautiful person she is. I would highly recommend you to anyone T & D, Cheshire

My journey into personal development began with a determination to help young people who were not being supported at home or at school, and lacked the self awareness necessary to avoid getting into serious trouble. Over the past fifteen years I have worked one to one with young people in the most challenging environments from the poorest areas of the country, and in prisons.

In my role as a mentor and Project Coordinator, I lead a team of young people, youth workers and the police to a national award for preventing youth crime.

Whilst taking young men aged 15-18 in prison, through a Personal Development course, I was awarded an Outstanding during an Ofsted inspection.

My approach is tailored to each setting, but it begins with helping the young person to develop an understanding of themselves and their own situation. I then help them develop a vision of how they would like various areas of their life to look and create step by step strategies to achieve this.

My approach has been noted as expecting the highest standards of behaviour, whilst being supportive when poor decisions are made.


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